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Multiple Inboxes & Settings in Gmail

Gmail Labs introduced new feature multiple inboxes inside Gmail. This feature lets you to browse multiple pane inside inbox.
How to enable Multiple Inboxes in Gmail Labs ?
Move to Gmail Labs settings, find out Multiple Inboxes option and enable it as shown below example picture

After enabling multiple inboxes in Gmail labs, you can see multiple extra boxes are also known as pane.
Mutiple Inboxes Settings (You can find out Multiple Inboxes under Gmail settings)
What is the use of Pane ?
Pane which lets you to to add other options like starred, drafts and chats inside inbox.

Even you can add customized settings for your pane and also Gmail parameters as shown above picture.
You can customize the view of panes inside inbox like number of conversations to be displayed and positioning.
Check out searching Gmail with parameters and view past chats for customizing pane.