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Is Your Computer Running slow?? Fix it now!!

There are number of possible reasons for a computer to run slow. Even latest configuration computers with huge amounts of RAM and fast processors could run slower than it's usual speed. This mainly happens due to the vast use of Internet and easily available free softwares and trial versions of paid softwares.With advancing technologies, high speed braod band internet connection is very common these days. Number of internet users are increase everyday and they download such softwares quite often. There are numerous software directories which offer free downloads of various softwares. These softwares aren't harmful to computers but installing too many softwares slow down your computer. Many of these softwares automatically set themselves to start up directory and everytime you start your PC, they start running even though you do not need to use them at moment. All you can do is find a decent Registry Cleaner from google and install it. Most registry cleaners will provide a list of programs which start as soon as windws boots up, unused registry entries, uninstall entries and numerous other computer problems. A good registry cleaner program will clean them too.One more problem your system to run slow could be installing some softwares that contain Adware OR Spyware. These softwares use lot of computer resources ending up with slowing down the computer. If you're having this problem, a good Anti-Spyware would help. It detects and removes if any existing softwares contain adware or spyware. It also protects your system getting infected again in future.The last and the most common cause of slow system is, system being infected with VIRUS. Virus is a computer program written with malicious intentions. Viruses are of many types, some are harmless while others damage the full system severely. Most viruses slow down the computer as it uses full system resources. The important thing here is to install a good branded Antivirus and a Firewall. Make sure you update your Antivirus regularly since Virus programs are written daily.Deleting cache and cookies and clearing history on a regular basis would help too. All in all, a good registry cleaner, anti-pyware and an antivirus is must for a smooth computer system, if you're a regular internet user.