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How to make Bootable CD with NERO

Follow the steps mentioned below to make Bootable CD:

Step1: Launch Nero, Click on Start>Programs>Ahead Nero, and select Nero-Burning Rom.

Step2: If the Nero Wizard opens, close the wizard using the Close Wizard button.

Step3: In the New Compilation window you will see a list of CD types in the left pane of the window. Select the CD-ROM (ISO) icon and click on the “ISO” tab to configure for your data files. If you are going to create a CD that will be used on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or NT, use the below settings for best results. Once you have made these changes, click on NEW

Step4: Drag and drop your Data files from the File Browser window (right) to the ISO1 window (left).

Step5: Click the Choose a Recorder button. (Eleventh icon from the left)

Step6: The Choose Recorder window opens. Select the Image Recorder and click OK.

Step7: The Choose Recorder window opens. Select the Image Recorder and click OK. Click the Write CD dialog button. (Ninth icon from the left) or go to toolbar, click File>Write CD

Step8: Click the Write button, after checking the write properties.

Step9: Nero will prompt you to name the image. First be sure to select your path. We have selected My Documents for the folder to store this file too. Then name the image, for example ‘DataCD_1’, and click the Save button

Step10: Nero will begin the Imaging process. Note: Click on the drop down menu to navigate thru folders and drive letters. Select the folder/drive that you would desire to store the image file too. Note: Type in a file name of the image. And note what directory it will be saved in for later use.

Step11: The next window will indicate that the burning process was completed successfully. Click the OK button to proceed.

Step12: Click Discard to close the compilation window